Monday, 12 December 2016

Expert Flooring Services

Flooring is an important procedure when it comes to the construction of a house. There are numerous benefits of flooring, especially wood flooring as compared to other forms of flooring. A     good quality wood floor lasts for several years and can easily withstand wear and tear. High quality flooring is also carried out using reclaimed or salvaged timber. At Reclaimed Flooring Projects you are provided with the best salvaged flooring services that make your interiors more beautiful and attractive.
A family run business, the firm has been one of the most sought after supplier and installer of reclaimed wood since the past 44 years. In addition to flooring services, Reclaimed Flooring Projects offers a wide range of wall cladding services as well. Though the firm’s base of operations is in United Kingdom, it has worked with numerous international clients as well. Over the years, Reclaimed Flooring Projects has worked with homeowners, architects and interior designers.
Reclaimed Flooring Projects has a team of 20 well trained craftsmen. This team of specialists assists you in creating the perfect design for your interiors according to your specifications, be it commercial or domestic. All the craftsmen are competent and trained to handle complex procedures like installation of reclaimed wall cladding, strip flooring, herringbone parquet etc.
There are numerous benefits of using reclaimed wood for flooring. Since the timber has been exposed to external elements, it is sturdier and wont split easily. Reclaimed timber is also affordable as it is easier to process than virgin timber. Larger planks can be made using salvaged lumber. At the firm’s website you can see their latest works and browse through many attractive reclaimed wood flooring designs for your interiors. You can also request quote from the firm, free of cost.
The reclaimed flooring service provided by the firm includes:
1.    Iroko parquet.
2.    Pitch pine parquet.
3.    Maple parquet.
4.    Oak parquet.
5.    Mahogany parquet.
6.    Beech parquet.
7.    Sapele flooring.
8.    Opepe flooring.
In addition to reclaimed flooring for domestic space Reclaimed Flooring Projects also provides a wide range of reclaimed parquet flooring and reclaimed sports flooring. The reclaimed sports flooring service allows you to either retain the original sports lines or draw new ones.
The wall cladding products provided by the firm includes a wide range of that have an interlocking design or unfinished style. Only the sturdiest reclaimed timber like teak, pine, oak, spruce are used to manufacture these products. Panels are available in various sizes. Painted designs are available as well.

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