Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Reclaimed Flooring Adds Touch of Class

Wood flooring and wall panels are in vogue with the elite crowd as well as commercial complexes that are coming up in various parts of the world. As in olden times, wood has again become a fashion statement for the rich people replacing tiles.

From shopping centres to Soho restaurants, reclaimed wall cladding is the order of the day. The Reclaimed Flooring Co. offers a range of rustic and characteristic wall cladding for commercial and domestic interiors and exteriors. We stock a veritable and envious collection ranging from rich Antique Bordeaux Oak to silver naturally weathered, and rustic sawn faced old Oak and many more.

At the heart of reclaimed flooring is the inherent beauty of an aged piece of wood. Reclaiming a piece of wood is equivalent to restoring it back to life and lustre. Whether you want to do a room or your entire property is to be renovated, we have in stock pieces that will suit your palette and budget perfectly. We believe that there is a story behind every style and our expert craftsmen and flooring experts are waiting to realise your dream. We have an ace project planner waiting for you to quickly filter the right wood flooring and wall cladding for your project. We offer personalized and bespoke services for the trade industry worldwide.

Our bespoke services and products have set us apart from the standard, over produced wood flooring options available in the market. Our specialised manufacturing and custom-made colours and designs have helped create entirely new possibilities for large commercial projects, establishing us as one of the UK’s leading innovators of wood flooring.  Moreover, we are leading supplier of Mountain European Oak in the United Kingdom today. Browse online to know more about our work and esteemed clients. We have 2 offices in London and Cheshire, and others in Sweden and California. 

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