Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Are you looking for suppliers and installers of reclaimed flooring at one place?

One of the flooring options that has fully-fledged in eminence in recent years is reclaimed wood flooring. The reclaimed wood can be used in housings of all types, whether on doors, flooring, paneling, mantels, paneling, other fixtures or menu covers or accessories. The motives for using reclaimed wood are many. But it’s more than just fashion and tastes involved – there are genuine benefits of using reclaimed wood.
The old, aged wood looks exquisite. It has history and charm, and with a little engineering, you can attain nearly any look you desire. Modern timber appears thinner and uniform than older floorboards. But with reclaimed wood, you can create something stunning, more appealing and unique. All those bumps, spirals, and little bend can produce amazing effects.
The priority of a business owner is often getting value for money. So, if you are looking for a renovation or discovering for new flooring options, it is advisable to go for something which is sturdy. Obviously, you would be expecting a flooring that could stand the test of time and can bear heavy footfall. You need your floors to keep a sense of consistency throughout its lifespan and should be easy to maintain. Reclaimed wood flooring is the perfect pick for this.
The wood becomes stronger as it ages. When the wood is introduced with new cuts, it takes the time to dry those cuts and contract & expand due to changes in temperature and weather conditions. Hence, using a wood that has been cut for a century or more is better. Reclaimed wood has already been through these processes and is bone dry. This helps in preventing from splitting, distorting and will remain in the same condition for many years to come. If you want durability and sturdiness, reclaimed wood is the solution.

For over 44 years, McKay Flooring have been supplying and installing reclaimed wood flooring in the UK. We have over 20 craftsmen on our books full time. We work with interior designers and architects to provide workable solutions using reclaimed materials from design stage to full installation. So contact us today and get your free installation quote.  

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